Traveling To Japan? Here Are Top 5 Restaurants To Visit!

Published on 11/09/2022

You have landed on this page, allowing us to assume that you are a foodie. If you plan to spend your vacation in this island country, you are in for a treat. You will find as many delicacies here as the number of islands under its territory. Japan is known for its cuisine, and to support the claim, the fact that the country has the most Michelin-star restaurants is enough. Being a foodie will not only make you consume food to satisfy your hunger, but you also enjoy the making process and everything else about it. This interest forces you to travel across the globe and explore new cuisines and flavors. There are so many options for fine dining in the country that even in the times of the internet, many of them are yet unexplored by foreigners. The primary reason behind this is the only use of the Japanese language and no promotion in any other language. If you still believe their cuisine is limited to rice, sushi, noodles, etc., we will bust a few myths for you. Without any further adieu, let’s dive into the blog.

Traveling To Japan Here Are Top 5 Restaurants To Visit

Traveling To Japan Here Are the Top 5 Restaurants To Visit


Toucan – Hyatt Regency

Inside the premium hotel of Kyoto, Toucan is one of the most prominent Michelin-star restaurants you will find in the country. The interior decor here is quite minimalistic, with unique offerings of Sashimi and Udon noodles. All the dishes are prepared with fresh produce, and the restaurant has set the dressing style to smart casuals. The fine wine and the restaurant’s freshly brewed beer perfectly compliments the meal.

Ninja Akasaka

A ninja fan will always love to dine here; this is one of the best Japanese restaurants that has mixed this particular fascination with the food. Though many international cuisines are available here, Ninja Akasaka serves the most authentic sushi and Kaiseki platter. The Ninja theme is carried out in the restaurant interiors, where visitors can see trap doors, false ceilings, etc. After all this, the desserts here are the best compliment you can get for the food.

Honke Owariya Restaurant

It is not one of the most premium restaurants you will visit on the list. The menu here offers soba rice cakes and noodles. Honke Owariya restaurant is located a few meters from all the key tourist destinations of Kyoto. The restaurant boasts ver 400 years of history and has been serving soba confectioneries since then. There are various easter eggs in the form of tatami mats, benches, and tables lower than average height.

Narisawa Restaurant

This fine dining spot in Japan was on top of the country’s list of restaurants back in 2018. The restaurant’s key specialty isnt is in satoyama, cuisine in which the food is served in a way that resembles scenic landscapes on the dish. The lunch and dinner menu is set according to the season. We highly recommend a reservation if you pick this one to visit.

Narisawa Restaurant

Narisawa Restaurant

Mikawa Zezankyo

It is primarily famous for the number of seafood options it serves. The restaurant is located in Tokyo next to the Sumida river, where the region is densely populated. The low-height L-shaped tables here are done to promote the eating tradition of sitting on floor mats. The availability of local beer will perfectly complement the tempura prawns. If you are visiting the country, we highly recommend going here to dine with friends to get a late lunch and have some drinks while you spend some quality time.