America’s Highest Quality Airlines 2020

Published on 01/07/2020

Flights are becoming a central way of travel for a lot of people and based on the responses of many travelers it is by far one of the easiest ways to get about. Whether travel is across borders or domestic, it gets you to your destination much faster than other means of transport, even if it may cost a little extra than land travel sometimes. But whatever the reason for the trip, there are certain airlines which are much better than others. Some airlines have cheaper costs, more exciting features, flexibility, and more benefits to their everyday users. We have done some research for you and we have identified a few airlines that may be classified as America’s best for 2020 based on a few guidelines like cost, features, comfort, etc.

To efficiently rank the airlines according to what they offer, the factors that most affect travelers were taken into consideration, such as baggage handling, boarding process, on-time features, and customer satisfaction. Time is of the essence, especially when travelling either for pleasure or for business, so when it is wasted in an airport you are very aware that you’re not getting it back, so sure enough, on-time functionality and performance were the categories most people voted on as being the reason to choose a particular airline.

When traveling in 2020, here are a few of the top airlines you may want to consider flying with:

America's Highest Quality Airlines 2020

America’s Highest Quality Airlines 2020

JetBlue Airways (

If you are imagining a spacious airline with great amenities, then you may want to consider flying with JetBlue Airways. They are one of the few airlines with adequate legroom space for a comfortable flight for all customers. Their custom seats are designed to create a roomy interior feature for a small-body aircraft. In addition to having enough space, the airline guarantees satisfaction for customers with other amenities like:
* A Customer Bill of Rights – With this feature, you know if anything should go awry on the flight, you will have your rights to challenge for your cause.
* Free WiFi Connection – Listen to your favorite music or watch your favorite movie while in the air without getting bored.
* Low-cost feature – They have affordable packages for every traveler ranging from first-class to economy class.
There are also other benefits to consider when going with JetBlue Airlines, just check out their website.

Southwest Airlines (

Southwest is by far one of the best airlines to go into 2020, offering some fantastic benefits that you can’t help but love. Have you ever been in the position where you are faced with a canceled flight? Most airlines have a no-refund policy or a reduced refund, but this is not the case with Southwest. They either refund in full or allow you to transfer that cost to another flight. Southwest Airlines also gives each traveler two pieces of free luggage that weigh in under 50 pounds… something not many airlines offer nowadays. While you fly, you have access to entertainment and comfort as you please. They also have some other amazing packages that will definitely encourage you to fly with them.

Virgin America Airlines (

They have great packages that will enable you to feel at home while flying with them. They have comfortable in-flight services at affordable prices that will give you the benefit of traveling by air more often. From their leather custom seats to excellent customer service, you will never regret flying with Virgin America Airlines. They have some of the best technological infrastructures, such as touchscreen entertainment and ordering services, WiFi, and more.

Sun Country Airlines (

Just know when you travel with Sun Country Airlines, you are guaranteed quality travel protection not offered by many other airlines to such an extent. Many travelers commented that they found this airline to be pretty unusual and impressive because of the level of their services and packages. They offer you – the traveler – the benefit of knowing how you want to travel and with what amenities you wish to do that with.

Frontier Airlines (

Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, Frontier Airlines is a great option to choose to accomplish quality. They cater to the entire family no matter what season you are flying or to which location. They have affordable packages with amazing features and amenities to complement your flight in style.

Choosing from these airlines to fly in 2020 will guarantee you nothing short of the highest quality.