Tips To Keep In Mind Before Boarding A Flight!

Published on 01/05/2022

The planning process will be pretty hectic, and you will have to keep precise details before making every move. When it comes to planning the trip, there are high chances that you will need to find some help from the tips and tricks that you can keep in mind so that you don’t make any naive mistakes. When it comes to a high level of excitement, it is also directly proportional to the number of errors you can commit. There are a few things that you must know, and in this blog, we will jot down a list that will help you with the planning. We would highly recommend scrolling through these tips so that once you reach the destination, there is a wide smile on your face. Let’s dive into it without any further adieu.

Tips To Keep In Mind Before Boarding A Flight

Tips To Keep In Mind Before Boarding A Flight


Avoid Airplane’s Water

If you are one of those people who frequently drink water from airline taps, you should know that it must be avoided as this water is highly prone to bacteria. Some various tests and studies have shown promising results that no matter which plane you are on, there will be a much higher number of bacteria on it, especially in tap water. Whether you are offered the ice cubes or drinking water, it all comes from the same tap.

Avoid Sleeping While Ascend & Descend

The air pressure will keep fluctuating, especially while the airplane is ascending or descending. The air pressure levels will be highly different from the surroundings and in your ear. It is highly recommended that you stay awake and manually maintain the pressure by chewing on something or opening/closing your jaw.

Keep The Vents On

Each flight will offer an air vent on the top of the seat, and it’s highly recommended that you keep them on. Various studies have shown results where it is seen that setting these vents to medium or high settings will ensure that any airborne bacteria is moved from entering your zone. These vents have become quite essential, especially in the Covid-19 times.

Avoid Remain Seated All The Time

The fluctuating airflow will also have a massive impact on the body’s blood circulation. It would help if you kept the movements minimal as it will increase the chances of you getting the DVT. It’s a type of clothing that can occur in your legs. To fetch the cases lower, we recommend making small posture movements throughout the flight to keep the circulation in check.

Don’t Eat The Food Fallen On Your Tray.

There is a common tendency for anything that is fallen on the tray. We pick it up and gobble it down. It would help if you did not do it as it will be the most probable place where bacteria live. These trays are not included in the sterilization process, and these are simply wiped down once in 24 hours. You must not eat anything directly from the tray as you will never know what it has gone through.

Dont Eat The Food Fallen On Your Tray

Don’t Eat The Food Fallen On Your Tray

Moisturize Your Skin

For the people who have flown for long hours, it’s already understood that airborne affects skin quite a lot, and it becomes dry. We recommend applying sunscreen or any moisturizer to keep the pores intact. While picking the right product, make sure that it has a built-in SPF. It’s an element that will act as a shield on your skin to offer UV and sun rays protection. Apart from these tips, you should also altogether avoid consuming any form of alcohol onboard.