Most Dangerous Airports Around The World: Top 5

Published on 12/08/2021

We consider various things while planning a vacation with the family. It includes food, lodging, flights, and much more. We also find it quite interesting to find out the amenities offered at the airport. However, among everything, we tend to completely overlook the airport’s location and which danger level it carries with it. Yes, we believe that air travel will remain at the top if you prepare a list of safe travel options. When it comes to taking a flight, it’s already quite an adventure for many people. Seeing it taking off from an airport with an adventurous airstrip adds up to the fun part of the trip. In this blog, we will introduce you to a top 5 airports that we believe are highly adventurous, and if you are traveling to any one of them, you must extend your thanks to the captains for a safe landing.

Most Dangerous Airports Around The World Top 5

Most Dangerous Airports Around The World Top 5

Barra International Airport, Scotland

The airport is situated on the tip of northernmost Barra Island. It is also known as the Barra Eoligarry Airport. The airstrip or the runway here is quite small, and to compensate for the distance, airliners have to use the beach to land and take off. It is the only airport around the world that uses this landing technique.

Lukla Airport, Nepal

Considered one of the most dangerous airports around the world, it is situated in the Solukhumbu district, and in the year 2008, it was renamed to Tenzing-Hillary Airport. The factors that make it highly dangerous are the short distance for landing and takeoff, but no modern ATC features are present at this airport. The airstrip is relatively high, at 8,000 feet from sea level.

Toncontin International Airport, Honduras

The airstrip serves the civilians, as well as the military. The airport is entirely covered with mountains, which is why the pilot has to maneuver quite a lot to avoid the cliffs. Several history channels have included this Honduras airport as the Most Extreme Airport. Due to the shorter landing and takeoff distance, pilots are forced to break the jets and stop them abruptly harshly.

Kai Tak Airport, Hong Kong

It is also easily the most adventurous airport globally, where the landings and takeoffs are made even more difficult due to harsh crosswinds. Located in the middle of the waters, the dock is quite complicated. Pilots have to align perfectly and maintain the speeds precisely to make the landing.

Kai Tak Airport Hong Kong

Kai Tak Airport Hong Kong

Princess Juliana International Airport, Saint Martin

Making a list of dangerous airports, how can we miss this one? Princess Juliana International Airport is the primary airport on the Caribbean Island. The reason behind its extremeness is primarily the short overall distance. The airliners will need to fly at quite a low distance over a few roads and beaches to safely land. A giant jet needs 8,000 feet of the airstrip, whereas the SXM, Saint Martin, is just 7000 feet. It is the factor that also makes the airport a tourist destination. These are the few airports that top the list of offering quite an adventurous experience. There is also a saying that after being safely landed at the Lukla airport, passengers applaud to extend their thanks for their skill. Apart from these few, we can’t forget to mention the Don Mueang International Airport. This Thai airport is between two golf courses, making it yet another extreme airport to land andtake offf from.