Top 5 Destinations You Can Plan Celebrating Christmas This Year!

Published on 03/02/2022

Picking up the correct destination for your holidays and vacation is not an easy choice, and if you are going to decide all by yourself, it’s going to be a very tiring task. There are high chances that you will get confused, and it will only delay the plans. Various places are mainly known for Christmas celebrations, and you should plan your visit keeping them in mind. In this blog, we will provide you with a list of a few options to which you can plan your visit during Christmas. Let’s dive into it without any further adieu.

Top 5 Destinations You Can Plan Celebrating Christmas This Year

Top 5 Destinations You Can Plan Celebrating Christmas This Year

San Francisco, CA

There are numerous sports and activities that you can participate in where you will get to offer something unique to every member of the family. The city has various natural sceneries, not just artificial spots where you can plan a full-day visit. There are also a few botanical gardens that you can plan your visit to experience the city’s flora. One of the best parts of spending your Christmas here is that you get to experience the walk across the Golden Gate bridge. We would highly recommend getting yourself some warm layers before going there. You will feel the chills once the fog starts to come down.


If you are in for a few outdoor adventures, there might not be a better place for you than Vancouver. You will also get to experience the big-city lifestyle, and you will also find a range of hotels and other types of accommodation. The city has everything to offer, from scenic mountain landscapes to the ocean, exotic islands, and more. You can visit around Christmas, but you can plan to spend your vacation here anytime in the year.

Kauai, Hawaii

There are numerous Hawaiian islands, and Kauai is one of the oldest. If you are looking to have some aloha experience, no other island can offer you the same. For those who are considering spending their time here, it’s 100 miles from Oahu. The visitors will experience a plethora of natural caves and beaches. There are still multiple parts of the island that have not yet been accessible for visitors. It is almost 85% jungle area and has very lush greenery. You can pay a visit to the Russian Fort where it has left only its remains and go to Hanalei, one of the historical towns.

The Vatican City

There is no doubt that the Vatican is one of the most happening places throughout the year, but Christmas is the time when it’s the most magical place on Earth. There are numerous scenes that you will witness around the city. Several visitors will come from different parts of the world to the well-known St. Basilica church. If you are searching for a destination to celebrate Christmas, Vatican City should be your first preference.

The Vatican City

The Vatican City


Everyone has added the Czech Republic to the list of countries they want to visit. Christmas is the best time to visit Prague, where you will get to witness a serene beauty. It is the most picturesque place you will get to among other destinations. The place is the best place to experience the generosity of Gothic and Baroque architecture. Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square are just the spots you must not miss for those who are into shopping. Apart from these destinations, you can also go for a few other options, such as Zurich, Dublin, and Vienna.