10 Ways To Get A Free Flight

Published on 03/05/2020

Flying is a much faster way to cover a large distance, sure, but the costs can rack up and for those of us who would rather spend more on accommodations, every dollar we save on flight tickets is a dollar more comfort. Extending your stay is a nice option, and those few bucks you saved by getting a free flight can help with getting more out of your holiday. Here is a list with a couple of ways to get a free or discounted flight.

10 Ways To Get A Free Flight

10 Ways To Get A Free Flight


Get A New Airline Credit Card

All around the world, airline companies are partnered with financial institutions and offer rewards like frequent flyer miles when you sign up for a new credit card. 30-40,000 miles can make your next local flight free, or next international flight a lot cheaper.

Non-specific Travel Reward Cards

Other financial institutions offer points as rewards for your loyalty and are a more flexible option since they can be spent similarly to regular currency.

Regular Credit Card Rewards

Many banks offer a variety of rewards for spending your money through their cards. Why not opt for the flyer miles as your reward, this way you’ll be earning miles every time you use your card to do those everyday things.

Regular Credit Card Rewards

Regular Credit Card Rewards

Voluntarily Getting Bumped

Seeking out overbooked flights and volunteering to get bumped when they’re full is one sure way to get a voucher. Usually valid for up to a year, this can be a useful way to reduce your costs. A lot of flexibility is needed for this method, and definitely not an option if you’re in a hurry.

Using a Companion Ticket

When renewing an airline credit card, they usually offer one free companion ticket per year to the holder of the card. This means you can have anyone accompany you on a flight and they would fly for no more than the $10-$30 government tax.

Have A Good Reason For Complaining

Most of us get uncomfortable when someone starts going off on a rant about “the terrible experience they’re having.” If you have experienced a bad flight, there are methods for solving this. Dealing with the airline’s customer department in a civilised manner, stating your grievance clearly, will ensure reasonable response and there could even be a free ticket in it at the end.

Frequent Flyer Miles As A Gift

Gifts are great and for the world traveller, there couldn’t be a better gift than miles.

Working For An Airline

When I was seven years old I wanted to be a pilot, or was it a pirate? Working for an airline is probably the best way to get around the world for free. It does, however, require dedication and this perk extends to more than just pilots and flight attendants. Most employees of airlines also enjoy flying for free.

Catch A Military Flight

An option only available to military personnel and their families and requires a huge amount of flexibility around dates and times.

Social Media Promotions

Hundreds of companies online offer various gifts, rewards or points when you do business with them. Free flight tickets are a very popular item up for grabs.