Is The Exit Seat On Airlines The Best?

Published on 01/07/2020

Traveling by air comes with its advantages and disadvantages, but how you choose to travel will help to determine what you get from it. For many people who travel, they prefer the window seats, an aisle seat, or any for that matter, except the one closest to the exit door. Some travelers, on the other hand, would give anything to have that seat as their own, not least to have the extra legroom. Traveling in the exit row has its pros and cons, but there are actually more pros than cons. Keep reading to find out more…

Is The Exit Seat On Airlines The Best?

Is The Exit Seat On Airlines The Best?


Why You Should Sit on the Exit Row

When you travel in the exit row, there are certain benefits you can look forward to such as:

  • More leg space – Since there are no seats in front of it, the exit row has a lot of extra legroom. It can be a relief to know you are free of all the clusters and having to deal with people in front of you reclining their chairs too far back. After all, in recent times, we know a lot of airlines are using smaller aircrafts, reducing the size of the seating space.
  • You are close to the exit area so you can help others in case something should go wrong.
  • You have freedom of movement – It can be annoying to be passing other passengers if you need to go for a walk or go to the bathroom. With the exit row, you have no one to bother when moving.

What You Should Know Before Choosing This Seat

There are still a few downsides to traveling in this seat. When you sit here, you have to:

  • Stay focused – Bearing in mind that emergencies have no forewarning, you have to be on guard to react as soon as it is needed. To operate the emergency exit, you have to listen attentively to the flight attendant when they are speaking.
  • Your leg space may be impeded – You cannot guarantee peace of mind when it comes to leg extension for relaxation. Some airlines are set up, the bathroom is close to this area, so while you extend your legs, they may step (not purposefully though).
  • The temperatures are not the best – Sitting close to the door or window may make the flight even colder than usual.
  • Your seat might not recline – Remember, it is an exit area, so you may not be able to lay back, especially if another emergency row is behind yours.
  • You may have to pay more – The exit row comes at a higher price than the regular seats. For most airlines, they require you to book your flight then pay an extra fee to gain the additional comfort benefit.