Apps To Download On Your Next Vacation

Published on 04/08/2021

Traveling abroad can be stressful and nerve-wracking. You will find yourself in no man’s island. You don’t know the culture, the language, and there is also the possibility of getting lost. The good news is that there are smartphone apps that can make your travel less worrisome and more enjoyable for you.

Apps To Download On Your Next Vacation

Apps To Download On Your Next Vacation

Google Maps

Google Maps is loaded with a bevy of traveling features that can help your trip more convenient for you. But the most important feature you should not miss out on is offline navigation. This feature will help you get around your destination even without Internet access. You can check out attractions, hotels, and other information you need during your trip.


Flyrightis a handy tool that provides you essential information when traveling to a foreign city. For example, the app will tell you whether you need a visa or if the vaccine is required in your destination. It will also tell you about the currency exchange rate, and many more. The app allows you to save information offline so you do not have to go online to retrieve them.


Polarsteps was designed with travelers in mind. With the app, you can automatically track your trip and log them in a visually appealing way. With each travel, you can add them to the Polarsteps and the app will take care of the rest in the background. The app allows manual modification of your trips and even add pictures, descriptions, and more.
Polarsteps is also a social media platform so you can share them to others and have your friends follow your trip. One advantage of the app is that it only consumes 4 percent of your phone battery. It works offline and syncs your data when you’re back online.

Google Translate

Google Translate is an important tool that can help you blend in and speak the local language. The app allows downloading of translations offline. With conversation mode, you can easily interact with locals who are speaking their language. Google Translate is loaded with a plethora of nifty features such as Phrasebook that allows you to bookmark common phrases, image recognition, and others.


Coincalc is a helpful app that allows the conversion of values in different currencies. It is a modern and straightforward interface. The app allows adding a calculator widget on your home screen so you can perform calculations in a jiffy. It offers compatibility with cryptocurrencies. Coincalc is a free app but if you want more tools, you can upgrade to the premium version.




Traveling to another country is usually associated with expenses. You will be spending for accommodations, airfare, and others. You need to keep track of your expenses and the best tool for that is TravelSpend. Aside from keeping track of your purchases and expenditures, TravelSpend also provides the option to collaborate with other travelers on the same trip. It also features specific spending categories, automatic currency conversions, and a comprehensive statistics page.
With the app, you can also customize your budget and plan your expenses accordingly. It also offers cloud synchronization so that if you use another phone, the data will still be accessible.


You may have enough time to spend on the airport before your flight. Instead of wasting time on your phone, why not spend time exploring the airport using Flio. With the app, you can explore every aspect of the airport from the best coffee shops to your flight’s gate. The app also provides the option to buy lounge access and get a few discounts.

You don’t have to be stressed out on your next trip. Download these apps and make your vacation to a remote island truly memorable.