Solo Travel – Things You Must Know Before You Hit The Road

Published on 09/08/2020

Traveling solo has been a must for some people and for various reasons too. Whether it’s alone time they crave, or they simply want the freedom it entails, solo traveling is an experience that one should embark at least once in their lives. But before you hit the road on your own, here are a few things you need to know:

Solo Travel Things You Must Know Before You Hit The Road

Solo Travel Things You Must Know Before You Hit The Road

Check Your Car First

Before even deciding where you want to go, have your car checked first. This is probably the most important thing you can do for yourself before starting your solo trip. Always check if the oil needs to be changed, if the tires need air, and if your brakes are in good condition. If it’s summer, have your air conditioning checked as well. Likewise, if you’re traveling during the winter season, check if the car’s heater is working properly.

Write Down Addresses And Phone Numbers

Nothing beats old fashioned pen and paper! When you’re in the middle of nowhere and your phone suddenly goes carport, the best solution is to check your handy address book. There will always be a dead spot along the way or your phone might have conked out. Either way, it’s much safer to have important addresses and phone numbers on you at all times.

Never Expect — Just Enjoy!

Speaking of things that might happen, now is the time to practice the idea of anything can happen during a road trip! Leave all expectations you may have at the door and just enjoy the ride! Soak in the experience of being solo and immerse yourself in the new sights and sounds around you. That’s nothing to say that you shouldn’t be prepared….

Be Prepared

Even if you drop all expectations, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared. For example, have power banks fully charged, so when you can’t charge your gadgets, you have a power bank to keep your phone always on. Prepare an emergency kit in your car that has bandages, antibacterial ointment, and medicines you might need during an emergency. Have a flashlight handy. Make sure always that your spare tire has air and you have a complete set of jacks to be able to replace your tire in the middle of nowhere. Have a cooler full of water to keep you hydrated and packs of dried fruits and nuts to munch on before you hit the next rest stop. Toiletries should also be packed.

Be Prepared

Be Prepared

Rest Stops

Rest stops aren’t a waste of time. Your body needs it! Never underestimate the power of a rest stop. You might think that a solo trip without any stops is ideal — it isn’t. By the end of the day you’ll feel really tired and cranky and that’s not how you want to feel during a vacation. When you get tired you need to rest, do so! Stay for a few minutes and stretch your body. Take a look around you and just be in the moment.

Immerse Yourself

If this is your first time in the area, take some photos! Get into tourist mode and have a look around famous local spots. Taking photos and videos of the place will help you remember the time you went on a solo trip.

Get In Touch With A Loved One

When you’re traveling alone, staying in touch with family and friends will help keep the jitters away and make you feel safe. It’s always nice to touch base from someone at home and keep them updated about your trip. This is also helpful when you need out during a sticky situation. At least they know where you are when you need help.