Creative Ways To Take A Vacation At Home

Published on 01/07/2020

We all need to take a vacation every now and then, but many of us don’t because we think we need the time and the budget to go out of town or out of the country, and that is not always possible. But we want to let you on to a little secret – you can have that little vacation you so deserve without even leaving your house. Many call it a “staycation” because you don’t have to travel anywhere. Money can be short, but the body calls for a moment to spend some time alone or with family and just relax. However, who said your home couldn’t be the “home away from home” when you want it to be? It may surprise you that there are a lot of fun activities you can do around the house… You just need to get a little creative. So what are the best ways to get creative with a home vacation? Here are a few ideas:

Creative Ways To Take A Vacation At Home

Creative Ways To Take A Vacation At Home

Make an Efficient Budget

Before you can do any activity or plan any vacation, you have to plan for it financially. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a lot of cash, just set aside a little bit to allow you to improvise. Vacation is all about free time, so even though you are doing it at home, you can decide to order food in, or make sure you have stocked up the fridge in advance. Also, you won’t have to pay for your sleeping space as you can set up mini-camps in and around the home with tents, tarps, or sheets (for indoor use). Everything is at your convenience.

Tap Out From The World

Turn off your email and messaging alerts and let your co-workers know you will be unavailable for the weekend however long you plan on having a vacation. Avoid taking on any projects as this will leave you more tired and restless. Before you start, take care of all the household chores like cleaning, shopping, or other errands. If you find peace and serenity in planting a tree or flower in your backyard or cooking a good meal, then make this a vacation activity. Other than that, let your mind and body relax by going to the nearest perfect nature-based setting (the beach or a park perhaps).

Break the Rules

If you are on a week vacation, then breaking the meal rule or the bedtime rule is not a bad idea. Who said having dessert for lunch was a bad thing? Or why do you or the kids have to be in bed by 9pm? There is no work or school in the morning, so set up and watch a movie with icecream or popcorn. Your body and mind will love you for this relaxing treat. Wear your pajamas all day and have a late-night camp in the backyard.

Waive the Activity Choices

Let each family member choose an activity that the entire family can participate in. This will help get everyone involved, as well as be excited about participating, and, weather permitting, they don’t all have to be indoor activities. It can be a stroll in the park, kicking a ball around, a cruise to the mall, a trip to the ice-cream parlor, or you can stay indoors and bake a cake or do something arts and crafty. Also, you can help make the experience much better for your kids by saying yes to some exciting offers, or even just letting your teens have their “alone time”.

Don’t Plan Sometimes

Leave a day or two free of plans and let nature take its course. When you wake in the morning, let everyone choose a random activity, and everyone can work on that freely. Grab a movie, drive around town, or have a little family time in the living room or garden.

Be a Tourist in your Area

See your neighborhood from the eyes of a tourist and enjoy the scene. Go for a walk or a drive, either alone or with the family, and enjoy the beauty that your surroundings have to offer, seeing it through the eyes of someone who has time to wander.

Let your home be the space you want to feel peace and comfort within. It doesn’t have to cost you a thing but with a little time, creativity, and some planning, you could all be in a for a treat.