Cappadocia: Here’s Why You Should Visit The Ancient Place!

Published on 06/01/2022

You must have seen the photo that is widely used as a wallpaper where a considerable number of hot air balloons are flying over a valley. The question about its whereabouts must have popped into your mind. Well, the wait is over, and you will get the answer today. The picture is from Turkey’s Anatolia region, and though the area of Cappadocia is confined to minimal space, it has emerged as one of the tourists’ unique places. No matter where you are, you always think of visiting a fairyland place that you have always heard of in books or magazines. Right next to it, you will get one of the busiest cities in the world, i.e., Istanbul. It has remained to maintain the serenity and calmness of the old place. The space is nothing less than a fairy tale, and the architecture will reflect it the most. The cave carvings and the chimneys from the fairy chimneys will simply fascinate one who has spent most of their time in the city. Not just in terms of history, Cappadocia boasts of a vibrant culture. In this blog, we will discuss the top few reasons behind the popularity of this place.

Cappadocia Heres Why You Should Visit The Ancient Place

Cappadocia Here Why You Should Visit The Ancient Place


Hot Air Balloon Ride

Apart from seeing someone else experience it in the form of pictures and videos, only a few people have experienced it. The bird-eye view that you will get will give you an adrenaline rush like never before. There are various spots around the globe where you can experience the balloon ride, but there is none that can match the scenic beauty of Cappadocia.

Cave Hotels

The landscapes you will get here are so whimsical that you will feel like living a dream. The architecture here will give you the best of both worlds; medieval and modern. There are various cave hotels that you will find around the city where you will get to experience something completely different. Apart from the air conditioning, you will find all sorts of basic amenities here.

The Cuisine

If you love to have your meal at a fancy place, Cappadocia will have various perfect spots for you. The people who are visiting this small city in Turkey, you must not miss experiencing the food options here. The prevalent one is Testi Kebab, which is prepared in the pot for a long time and is filled with juicy vegetables or meat. The best way to enjoy the meal is to take it with bread or rice.

Horse/Camel Ride

The literal meaning of Cappadocia is The Land of Beautiful Horses, and it shows. To get the best animal riding experience of your life, we highly recommend adding this activity to your itinerary. The ride will include castles, and on the way, you will get to capture astonishing photographs to keep the trip forever in your memories. The scenic landscapes will make you come here again and again.

Horse Camel Ride

Horse Camel Ride

Shopper’s Paradise

While visiting the restaurants, you will find yourself looking to buy the same cutlery, and the best place to get some for you at affordable rates is Alaturca Taner. The site will not just offer you beautiful decorative dishes and bowls, but you will also get to buy the jewelry and even rugs that you can bring to update the interiors of your house. Apart from this, the place also offers several hidden treasures that you will get to explore. The underground cities you will visit here can accommodate thousands of people and be used earlier as hidden bunkers.