Japan: The Country That’s Living In Future!

Published on 06/22/2022

All of us have witnessed that the technological advancements that Japan is making seem nothing less than that of the future to any other nation in the world. Bullet trains have been running on Japanese tracks for decades now, and the use of robotic devices has also been at its best. There are various restaurants where the meals are served solely by robots, and these use cases are pretty simple. Japan can embrace technology to a whole different level. The term used for Japan is The Land of Rising Sun, and it is. The tech developments that the country has made are unmatched, and Japan is decades ahead of us. The lifestyle and the overall experience are entirely different and unique; the proper knowledge can only be felt by visiting the nation. In this blog, we are going to discuss the top few aspects.

Japan The Country Thats Living In Future

Japan The Country Thats Living In Future

Sci-Fi Toilets

Once you enter the restroom, you will feel like you are entering a portal to the future. The hygiene aspect is so precisely taken care of that the seats are loaded with features, and the lighting is also ample. The chair has features like heating, BP monitoring, spotless cleaning, weight and urine monitoring, etc. The parts are so advanced that a foreigner might hesitate to use them.

A Lot Of Vending Machines

It might not be wrong to say that you will easily find a vending machine for every item in Japan. The best use case is implemented by the restaurants where they have added one or multiple outside their outlet where the customers can get their favorite snack without any delay in the preparation.

Hotels Are Offering Pods, Not Rooms

The population is increasing, and the best way to cope is to utilize the space at its best. The hotels in Japan are now offering pods, and these capsule hotels are highly efficient, as well. All the essential items are available here; the only thing you will miss is the view and luxury.

Smarter Bralettes

The bralettes worn by the Japanese women aren’t just more comfortable and have tech integrated with them. The bralettes are more secure and intelligent with deep integration of health features.

Designer Manhole Covers

The maintenance hole covers of your country are probably just a black cover that is put on the hole. Japan has something completely different. The maintenance hole covers will be considered works of art in the next few years. The design patterns carry good attention to the detail where you will get to see multiple geometrical shapes.

Lock Up Your Umbrella

You might have put a lock on your bike when it’s parked on the roadside. The Japanese took this concept to a whole different level. Here, you will get to lock your umbrella on the dedicated spot. The space usually remains wholly filled up, showing that the citizens take their food and umbrellas very seriously.

Lock Up Your Umbrella

Lock Up Your Umbrella


The fashion sense of Japan is also from a completely different universe. There are high chances that it will be the first thing you will notice as soon as you visit the country. Primarily, people from the Akihabara region will get on the sci-fi dresses with a retro look. Apart from all these, the most important is that the food advertisements are exceptionally accurate. The product that will be showcased in it will match the one that you will receive.