Planning To Visit Brazil? Here’s A Heads Up

Published on 06/29/2022

Numerous places around the world aren’t relatively safe regarding the safety and security of the citizens. We had found several surveys that had taken the visitors’ input about their likes and dislikes when they visited Brazil. The country has recently hosted Summer Olympics, and that’s the primary reason behind such a massive footfall of the tourists in the country. We highly recommend going through this blog if you are visiting a foreign country. For starters, you must prepare yourself for the extreme environmental challenges the government faces. Not just that, there are also a few other aspects that you must keep in your mind. Primarily, the country has severe problems in terms of public transport and the pathetic healthcare infrastructure. The government received around half a million tourists from several foreign countries, and a few pieces of evidence support the fact that these tourists will further worsen the country’s situation due to poor management. Now, without any further adieu, let’s dive into the blog.

Planning To Visit Brazil Heres A Heads Up

Planning To Visit Brazil Here is A Heads Up

Safety Concerns

You must have witnessed Brazil’s name in one of the countries with the highest crime rate lists. In the survey done on 64 countries, Brazil took the 61st spot in terms of wellness and health. The survey concluded with just 1% of the participants marking their safety as ‘very good. Conversely, a whopping 11% marked their safety as ‘very bad.

Bad Healthcare

The overall healthcare structure of Brazil is relatively poor, making the situation further bad for tourists and foreigners. We will discuss the numbers here, and just 7% of the whole nation considers it to be ‘perfect.’ The average stands at 21% compared to the global statistics. Not just that, the country’s 4% population has also termed the safety and health of their children to be ‘very bad.

Poor Environment

The air and water quality of the country is relatively poor, and if we look at the survey, 2 out of 5 people have chosen to mark it as ‘very poor.’ Visiting foreigners might put them at a higher risk of infection, and the poor health infrastructure will worsen things. Regarding water quality, the survey showcased that 71% of the citizens are not worried about the quality and consider it reasonable. The global average of this specific data stands at 83%.

Public Transport

The number gets further bad. A whopping 26% of citizens consider Brazil’s public transportation system extremely poor. The global average figures stand just under 13%. On the global map, the survey included 64 countries; Brazil stands at 51 in terms of public transport infrastructure. Also, there are pretty few opportunities for travelers. Only 28% of Brazilian citizens consider it to be ‘perfect.’

Public Transport

Public Transport

You Must Know Portuguese

If you plan to visit the country, among all the other aspects, one that’s quite bizarre is that you must know Portuguese. The survey that included all the tourists concluded that around 80% of the visitors believe that the language plays a significant part in allowing you a smooth entry to the country. Though these are the general challenges faced by most visitors, the best thing about Brazil is the friendly nature of its citizens. A significant fraction of the tourists mentioned that they were able to befriend locals without any language barriers. The people there are also quite welcoming.