San Sebastian Cuisine

Published on 01/07/2020

Food is, by far, one of human’s most beloved things to enjoy! Making local cuisine and food, in general, a good reason to choose particular locations when planning a vacation. It doesn’t make much sense to have the perfect environment, vibes, and culture without having a chance to lick all ten fingers after your meal. Most travelers have admitted that great food is often what makes them fall in love with a placewhen they go on vacation, and San Sebastian has built a global name for itself in this category. For many, San Sebastian is named the “Culinary Capital” of the world for its exceptional presentation and quality local and international cuisine. They really take pride in how they prepare their dishes, and that is what draws most people back for a second or third visit.

Satisfy Your Taste Buds With The Perfect San Sebastian Cuisine

Satisfy Your Taste Buds With The Perfect San Sebastian Cuisine

Living Up To Their Title

Many people may wonder why San Sebastian has been named the food capital of the world… Here are a few reasons behind their great name…

  • They have more Michelin Stars per square meter than most countries. They beat the likes of Paris and New York with their A-grade rating from international food critics and food-rating agencies. Also, three of their restaurants have received the highest prestigious food awards in the world.
  • Are you an avid seafood lover? Then where better to delight your tastebuds than San Sebastian. The Spanish city sits along the coast of Spain getting the freshest seafood available, and is home to some of the best seafood recipes in the world.
  • Locals consider eating as a way of socializing. When you are out with friends, sharing a delicious meal has a significant impact on the experience you will have while spending time at a given location. San Sebastian is keen on creating a memorable experience not only with its attraction sites but also through its food.
  • All their dishes are a blast. They don’t only care for providing a sumptuous main course, but from their appetizer to the last serving, it is all of the highest quality.

Locally Grown Produce

The city is known for its unusual ingredients used to prepare its dishes, and it comes as no surprise when we say they have an abundance of fresh foods in every market you visit. They take pride in quality tastes and what better way than to prepare each delicacy with the best that nature has to offer.

On your next visit to the Spanish city, don’t leave without trying some of the signature dishes that they are best known for. Not sure where to begin? Here are a few to try:

Anchovies and the Gilda Pintxo

A seafood lover (and even if you aren’t) will love the way your taste buds are satisfied with every ingredient used to prepare this dish. Chefs across the city have mastered their way of preserving their fish creating a tantalizing taste such as you will experience in this dish.

Salt Cod

History has it that Spain has adopted the love of codfish from the 15th-century journey of their fishermen into Canadian waters to source the best codfish the world has to offer. Since then, it has become a tradition for all restaurants, especially in San Sebastian, to prepare a dish with this delicacy. So, before you leave, you may want to try their codfish omelets, codfish fritters, or the salt cod brandade.

Kokotxas de Merluza

This delicacy is far from being the last on the list of must-try dishes when next you visit San Sebastian. Most of us are accustomed to throwing out the fish throats. Well, the chefs in this fantastic food city will show you what you have been missing out when they prepare this rare yet exciting dish.